Natural hair is very delicate and needs high maintenance and this calls for much dedication and patience. There are times that I feel like shaving all of mine because it needs so much attention which can be tiresome. Now there are things that should never be done on natural hair that most people do; these are what I call natural hair sins and I am going to share with you the ones I have discovered in my natural hair life.

  1. Over use of heat styling. This is the deadliest sin of all. Blow drying or flat ironing hair every now and then destroys the hair cuticles completely. Breaks the hair and reduces volume. This is not to say that flat ironing hair is bad. No, do everything with moderation; you can straighten hair with heat once in two months but not every week.
  2. Using gel as moisturizer. Gel has become very common and most people are running after it to lay them baby hairs but it is a sin to use gel directly on your hair as a moisturizer. It dries out hair and leads to breakage. If you have to use gel, spray water on the hair and lock in moisture using leave-in and oil before using it.
  3. Using sulphate shampoos and conditioners. This is one big mistake that I came to know of the hard way. Sulphur strips the hair of its natural oils and dries it out leading to breakage and lots of frizz. If you know what’s good for your hair, run away from them and embrace sulphate-free products.
  4. Combing dry hair. This is a sin I have fallen culprit to many timrs and trust me I have suffered the consequences of massive hair breakage and a sour scalp. Always moisturize hair before combing. Also use a hair brush that is friendly to your hair.
  5. Leaving out split ends. This is very dangerous to natural hair. Split ends will always lead to massive breakage and that’s why we keep on wondering why our hair isn’t growing. Well, start trimming those split ends and you will see hair growth.
  6. Last of all sins would be using too much product. There are people who use product on product which leads to greasy hair. Who loves greasy hair? Its gross to look at and attracts dust so that means you’ll be having dirty hair that may start to smell. Gel on gel is also a major problem and that’s why most gel users experience flaking. You have to know your hair needs so that you can use the amount of oil your hair needs.

These are just some of the sins that I have committed in the past and I have always experienced the beating. There are many others that I may not have discovered yet but you can share if you have some. 

I hope this will help you to take care of your hair. Thank you for reading. Bisous.

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