Hello dear reader, I sincerely hope your day is going on well. Today I have a story for you (yaay) but before that let’s just recognize the effort that natural hair ladies put into taking care of their nappy hair. It is not an easy journey to embark on but certainly the most fruitful journey if you ask me but then it takes quite sometime to see any fruits; this means a lot of patience is needed. Patience is the key and it does pay as cliched as that may sound but certainly the truth.

Back to my story. So I assume that being a natural you’ve come across words like protein treatment and deep conditioning. You have also heard that you can make your home-made deep conditioner (post coming up soon) that is if you prefer DIY to processed products. So this fateful day,  a certain young girl from this small town somewhere in the world decided to make her own deep conditioner because she saw other naturals do it. That young girl is none other than Jep (me). My main ingredient was eggs, not to mention two eggs (cringe).

So i’m done whipping and whisking my ingredients and voila, I have my deep conditioner. I applied it generoulsy into my hair from my roots to my ends. Next step, put your hair under a shower cap and let it sit for at least an hour. I am an avid follower of rules so it just turned okay. After an hour and half, I decided it’s time to wash and see the ‘amazing’ results. I had my warm (read hot) water ready and went ahead and washed the conditioner out of my hair.

“OMG!!!! Why is my hair having lumps?” So I walk to the mirror and boom! I almost died at that moment. My head was full of white lumps. So, I am angry that my deep conditioner did not work then I remembered my bio….aha! Proteins breakdown at over 40Β°C because of enzyme activity and all sorts of reasons i cannot remember. So basically, my warm (read hot) water cooked the eggs (cringe). You certainly don’t want to know how I removed all that cooked egg from my hair. Moral of the story: NEVER WASH OFF EGGS WITH WARM OR HOT WATER! 

Now that is just one story and I know we all have our nasty experiences we have gone through. Be kind enough and comment below so that we can all share and laugh and learn from them. 

Thank you for reading. Love and Charm

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