I knew it. This life isn’t mine at all. I shouldn’t have embarked on this journey because clearly nothing is happening to my hair. I mean, there’s absolutely no growth. I have just been wasting my precious time witg this hair and see, the results are just disappointing. 

Many of us have such thoughts when we are a few days into our hair journeys. Somewhere in our minds we have that thought that once we embark on our natural hair journeys, our hair will flourish in an instant (wrong). I thought the above one month into my hair journey and I convinced myself to give up several times because I was not seeing any changes whatsoever but I kept on challenging myself to keep climbing the mountain and I thank God that I did because now I am reaping the fruits of this journey.

I have come across many people complaining about their hair not growing yet they claim to be doing everything right but here are some of the reasons why:

  1. You are not giving your hair space to breathe. Most people styling their hair in protective styles that pull the hair too much. Well as much as protective styling is good, too much of it is poisonous. Give your hair breathing space at least 2 weeks before putting it back in a straineous style like braids so that it has time to flourish on it’s own.
  2. You have a negative attitude. Most naturals have this notion that natural hair does not grow past a certain length or natural hair is not meant to grow. These are just negative thoughts that make one not to take care of their hair just because, it won’t grow anyway and voilà, your thoughts will translate to reality so make sure you keep positive thoughts that will encourage you to forge on.
  3. You are still using too much heat. If you want to see results with your hair, stay away from heat. Heat is the number 1 destroyer of our tresses and we have to cut it out. Nuture your hair heatlessly and you will see positive results.
  4. You are not patient. Now if you are the sort of person who thinks that hair will grow with a snap then you need prayers. Growing hair needs a lot of patience. You may start to see growth 6 months into your journey so be patient and stay patient and hair will grow.
  5. You are comparing yourself with other people. This is very dangerous for your hair life. Don’t compare your hair growth with another person’s. There are those who are blessed to have hair that grows instantly whereas there are those whose hair take ages but eventually grow. So know your hair and adjust to its behaviour.
  6. You are copying other people’s regimen instead of coming up with your own. Most people are lazy to sit down and analyze their hair so that they know it fully and come up with a regimen that suits them. Instead, they copy the regimen of someone who has great hair and expect that their hair will be fine by it. Girl don’t be surprised when hair starts falling off if you’re being a copy cat. Put in mind that hair products also work differently on different hair types so know thine hair for peace of thine soul. 
  7. You are prioritizing length over health. You will only see growth once your hair is healthy thus focus on having healthy hair and growth will automatically come your way.

All of the above are from my experience when my hair had reached a stalling phase but I corrected my flaws and now i’m naturally strong. If you find this post helpful, kindly share it with your curl friends. Thank you for reading.

Yours naturally,


3 thoughts on “WHY IS MY HAIR NOT GROWING?

  1. Very helpful tips. Am guilty of being impatient and comparing all the hairs on YouTube with my hair! Lol 😂


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