You know those white particles that form on your hair after a few days of using hair gel? That is what I am talking about today. Flakes! Flakes! and more Flakes! I know i’m not the only one getting annoyed with these particles. I mean, why on earth would I use a hair product that leaves ‘residue’ on my hair. This is a huge offence against natural hair. 

Just like many of you, this has been a problem for me with the gels I have tried to use. I have come across argan oil eco styler gel that claims to have 10/10 hold and no flakes at all only to be disappointed because the said claims are false. Flakes are irritating because they make the hair look dirty and ruins ones hairstyle; also ruins the mood. Until now, i’m yet to come across a gel that doesn’t and i’ll be happy because I love some gel laid edges. 

However, I have tried to find a way of making these gels work for me. Although this is not a permanent choice it pushes me through the week before I can have my washday. I always ensure that my hair is wet before using any gel. I then apply olive oil or coconut oil on my hair and the gel after the oil. This method works for me since my hair shimmers in gel glory for about 6 days before seeing flakes which are always not very visible. Well, for someone like me who washes their hair weekly, this is perfect because i’ll wash my hair on either the sixth or seventh day. 

Finding a permanent solution to this flaking problem is to definitely find a good gel. I haven’t come across a good gel yet but i’m still in search for one. Kindly share great gel products that you use. If you also have a comment or question, feel free to leave it in the comment section and I will get back to you. I hope this post has helped you in one way or another and thank you for stopping by. Remember to share this post to your friends. Have a lovely day.

Yours naturally,


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