Have you ever felt fed up with taking constant care of your hair? Have you gotten to that point where you feel stuck with your natural hair? Well, you’re not alone. Natural hair care definitely comes with its fair share of challenges and getting an impasse may be one of them especially for us who wear our natural hair 97% of the time. I have felt stuck and unsure of what to do with my hair at some points in my hair journey. In these moments, I question my decision to be on this hair journey and often feelings of dissatisfaction, dislike, regret flood my heart. This is completely normal to feel and it definitely means that you are doing something right.

Getting to a hair care impasse shouldn’t deter you from reaching your hair goals. You have to force yourself to get over this and you will realize that you’ll love your hair more and get more motivation to pay more attention to it. During this period, you should review your reasons for being on your hair journey in order to encourage yourself. Consider taking a break from constant hair care such as putting your hair in a protective style. I always run for braids when I am in need of a break and during the period that my hair is out of the way, I always meditate on why I chose to be completely natural. I look at what I have achieved in my journey and whether I am ready to give up or get my energy back and lead on. Giving myself a break has always motivated me and my love for my hair gets renewed each time.

You have to keep in mind that it is not a sin to have an impasse; everyone experiences this in their different fields. We all know how demanding natural hair is or can be especially when you have other things to focus on such as careers, school, children. However, how you handle it is what matters because you can either make or break yourself. You have to find the right way to get out of it so that you can regain the love for your hair.

Always remember that it is totally normal to feel some type of way during your hair journey. You just have to push yourself past your fears and you’ll definitely grow. I hope that you find this post helpful. If you have any comments or questions, leave them in the comment section and you can also share your experiences. Thank you for reading.

Yours naturally,


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