Being natural has its own benefits and not only when it comes to hair but also in building someone’s character. I have grown tremendously as a human being since going natural. Well, at first, I thought that it was all about my hair flourishing but my life flourished as well. I awe at how we can choose to learn from different situations; we can be better humans just by learning from the simplest or unexpected situations. I am going to share with you different ways in which my natural hair journey has built me as a human being.

  • Patience. If you are a kinky curly girl then you know that patience is key. I have had to force myself to be patient with my hair. I was always the one who wanted things to be done immediately and my hair taught me that you can’t work like that. I had to be patient to have healthy hair and as a result I learnt to be patient with people. I have learnt to work with motivated and unmotivated people.
  • Accountability. When you sleep on your hair and neglect it for ages then you have to be prepared foe consequences. I learnt to acknowledge when I left my hair unattended and it started breaking. I learnt to stop blaming it on ‘bad’ hair products and learnt to use ‘good’ hair products. I learnt to accept the mistakes I made to my hair and made changes where I went wrong.
  • Consistency. I used to be that girl that would wash her hair once in two months and boy did my hair teach me a hard lesson. I would wonder why my hair was breaking and itchy. Once I started my weekly washes without fail, I saw a great difference. I learnt that to be successful, one has to be consistent in what they are doing. You have to be a creature of habit to be good at what you are doing and you’ll achieve what you are after.
  • Independence. Natural hair comes with learning to do things on your own. It is hard to find stylists that understand your hair needs as you do. I have learnt to do everything on my own including doing my hair because I am the only one who understands what my hair wants. This has helped me even in my everyday life because I have learnt to challenge myself to be self reliant.
  • Budgeting. Natural hair can be expensive if you don’t plan yourself. This is in terms of hair products and also your time. I have learnt to save money for my products and also allocating time for wash days so that I don’t end up doing my hair for a whole day. Having a budget also helps you to save money and to be wise about how you spend your money.

Those are some of the lessons I have learnt in my hair journey that have helped me with my everyday life. Who would have thought I would learn from my hair? The important thing is to strive to learn from every situation. In addition to hair, I am going to be writing posts on life experiences where I will be sharing about my interactions. Kindly leave a comment below and share your thoughts. Thank you for reading this❤❤.

Yours naturally,



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