I am tired of sweeping my house every morning. Well, I do have a choice not to sweep but then again someone might randomly come in and they would think that I had a monkey shaving party😒. If you can relate, you better keep on reading and if you cannot relate, keep on reading as well to save yourself the horror of sweeping every morning.

I have gotten tonnes of questions about breaking hair. I do not know where to start because there are a lot of reasons. Even one reason is a lot because lets be real, who loves to have a full head of hair that keeps falling out everyday without tangible reason like shedding. I wouldn’t want to end up with a bald head and so do you! I have experienced breakage before and the below reasons were among the causes.

NB: Hair shedding is completely normal. This is when the hair strand detaches from the root. It is said that 50-100 strands of hair are shed everyday.

  1. Stress. We all have different reactions to stressful situations. Other people will binge on junk food, others will not eat at all, others will be on a shopping spree and others (like me) will pluck hair from their heads. Yes I mean pluck like plucking mangoes. It is something I do subconsciously when I am stressed and this explains why my hair is shorter at the back of my head because I used to pluck my hair every morning prep when I was in high school (8-4-4 woes).
  2. Lack of moisture. How often do you deep condition? How often do you moisturize your hair? Is water your hair’s best friend? When your hair gets dry, it breaks. You know how easy it is to break a branch from a tree during the hot/dry season, that’s exactly how your hair feels. So the drier the hair, the easier to break. This should scare you and if it doesn’t, I will pray for you.
  3. Protein overload. “Wait what? I thought my hair needs protein because it is made of protein. How can protein destroy protein?” Uuuum…well a wise man once said that too much of something is poisonous (I know its cliché but necessary for that matter). When you overload your hair with protein treatments, its makes your hair super strong(hard) which you may think is good because hey, maybe you can be superwoman but hold that thought! The harder your hair gets, the easier it is to break because your hair will lack elasticity. Think of it like spaghetti; when it is uncooked it breaks without effort and that’s how your hair will react with too much protein. So, as much we need these protein treatments we need to proceed with moderation as Dr Stockman would say.
  4. Moisture overload. “Uuum now you are confusing. I thought you said lack of moisture will bald my head and now you are saying that moisture will also bald my head?!” Glad you are paying attention. This shows that you have great comprehension skills hey! *wink wink* Anyway, what I am trying to tell you again is that too much moisture will do more harm than good. You ask how? When you deep condition for long hours your strands are going to be saturated with moisture and cannot take in anymore. So what will happen is that just like overcooked spaghetti which breaks in all directions, your hair is going to have too much elasticity. You may need to be careful as you deep condition because nobody wants to have an unhappy wash day.
  5. Split ends. I heard someone swear that they would never trim their hair because they want to have longer hair. Well, you might as well forget about that length because when those split ends start to sing, you’ll not be happy to dance to their tune. You probably have heard that to retain length, one has to trim their ends. This is just one of those paradoxes that you don’t question. I tried once and I learnt my lesson the hard way so I resolved to trim my ends but hold up! This doesn’t mean, that you have to trim your hair everyday; it means that you have to listen to your hair. Don’t do it because everyone is doing it but because your hair needs it. Some people trim their ends six times in a year and others once and they all have great hair. That means that you have to do what works for you (that is if you want to be happy).
  6. Diet. Once again you have probably heard this a million times but its a necessity to have healthy non-breaking hair. You have to eat right. You have to drink water. Great hair is nurtured by what we eat and not the products we use on hair strands most of the time. If you nourish your body with nutrients, then your hair will grow out of your scalp feeling strong because it has a good foundation. You cannot build a house without having a great foundation because it will crash every time you try to build it. Also remember that a good foundation takes time to build and that means that you have to be consistent with keeping your body in shape through food, water and exercise. When you nourish your body, you are building a foundation for your hair. You’ll never have to deal with falling hair unnecessarily.

The above are some of the reasons why your hair may be breaking. These are a few that I have come across through my journey. There are many others such as diseases (alopecia) but for such, consulting a doctor would be helpful. I hope that you have enjoyed reading this and share to your friends so that we can all have flourishing fros. Thank you for stopping by and have a blessed week.

Yours naturally,



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