I dream of my childhood. I dream of playing kalongo with my childhood friends. I dream of walking to Mokwo secondary school’s pit to do some ‘shopping’ with Kori(favorite memory😂). I dream because I feel like I am not living. The world we are now describes ‘living’ as having many followers on social media, having an unending source of money, having a certain type of body e.t.c

Our lives today can well be described as superficial. Doing things just to please people or to show people how ‘successful’ we are when deep down in our hearts we are not happy. Working hard everyday to have a huge amount of money that we don’t even have time to spend because Monday to Friday is 9-5, Saturday is training in the office or a retreat to strengthen team building and Sunday is church and church meetings.

Is this the kind of life I dreamt of? Do I want to just go through my days without enjoying and appreciating the little things like the smell of coffee, the chirping of birds, the rustling of leaves; the little things that remind us how lucky we are to be alive. I want to live. I want to have my childhood back. I want to live as freely as the young me did; without caring about other people’s opinions and just be me, like a BIRD. I choose life, what do you choose?



4 thoughts on “WHEN DID WE STOP LIVING?

  1. I know the feeling. I miss the simple things we use to do as kids; moulding with clay, sliding on mud, having one TV in the whole estate where we would wrestling, playing kati, kalongo, msongesho, cha baba na cha mama. Such good memories. ☺ ♥


  2. I agree that life has been reduced to something undesirable but all in all if one chooses to look at the beauty of life then one will find happiness even in the small things in life. I choose life

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