I have had lots on my mind lately. Life has a way of  making us question the choices that we make every single day. At times we ignore what we have in our minds and at times we decide to take action. For months maybe years, I have allowed my mind to question my choices but I have done nothing about them. Today, this is me deciding to do something about it; to answer those questions I have posed to myself.

When I started this blog, I wasn’t even sure I wanted to write. It was a requirement after a blogging training I attended as a freshman in university who had nothing to do on a Saturday morning. I had always heard about blogs but it never crossed my mind that I would have one in my life. I remember being taken through how to ‘open’ a blog and how important the name of a blog is. At that time, I had no idea what I even wanted to write about let alone name the blog.

My fellow trainees seemed to have it all figured out. I remember contemplating teleportation because I seemed to be the only one who was in limbo. I decided to give it a shot anyway. I told my friend that I would have a blog where I’d tell my stories. I didn’t know what that meant at that moment. I started out being motivational; I got bored honestly! I went on to write about natural hair and I got to a point where I asked myself, “why am I doing this?” and I didn’t have a good answer to that. I have since went on and off writing about my thoughts (mostly) and I still don’t feel like this is what I should be writing.

One eerie morning, I woke up at 3am and I couldn’t fathom why I just couldn’t sleep. I don’t have insomnia or anything of that sort so I couldn’t understand why. I took that opportunity to think about my love for storytelling and I had a deep reflection of what I envisioned for my blog 3 or 4 years ago. I went back to the moment I decided to call this blog Kendhistoires. In a nut shell, it means “my stories” Kend for Kendagor (me) and histoires for stories/tales in French. I looked at what I have been writing about and none qualified as the story I wanted to tell. What I envisioned is me sharing what I go through everyday, the experiences I have, the people I meet in my journey through life.

And now, this is me going back to the drawing board. I can’t believe that it has taken me this long to finally realize that I should be telling my stories in my own way; not for anyone else but for me. Maybe I will find myself a sister who has similar experiences or maybe not; which is okay. So cheers to new beginnings and making baby steps and finally taking action. I cannot promise myself that I will be perfect at telling these stories but I will try. Better now than never.




2 thoughts on “000: BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD!

  1. This is lovely dear. i cant wait to read your stories on what you have experienced or continue to think about especially given the state of things going around the society currently

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