There were times that I would wake up each morning and go through my days without an objective or reason. I would assume that tomorrow will come and my days will continue. It was as if I was assured that tomorrow, next week, next year were waiting for me to appear and just live. I would describe that period of my life as a survival stage. I made no effort to grow nor to be better nor to take care of myself because I didn’t know what it meant to truly live.

I can’t stop looking back at those moments in my life that I was basically in a plateau because everything around me seemed to be falling apart. However, it is these moments that make you strong and test your patience. Recently, my schoolmate passed away and until now I cannot believe that this has happened. I still don’t understand why someone full of life and purpose like him had to leave this world at such a young age. Looking back at the life he lived, it is a challenge to me. He was such an inspiring young man who always encouraged me to follow my dreams; I called him Apostle P because he embodied the love of Christ.

His passing has made me think about life; how easy it is for us to forget that it is a gift to not only wake up every morning but also to be in good health. I have had to have conversations with myself to audit my life. The greatest lesson from this is that I have to live life by own terms the way Apostle P did. Making decisions not because other people are telling me to but because my life is my responsibility. Realizing that there’s only one shot at this life, it’s mind-boggling!

This reminds me of chapter 3 of The Leader Who Had No Title by Robin Sharma which mentions living a meaningful life and realizing the shortness of life. Have you ever imagined that the meaning of “life is short” is that it could end at this minute, this second, today? That the tomorrow that we so seek might never come? Putting this in context has challenged me to be the very best version of me every single minute of my life, to love myself, to love the people I care about, to be there for my friends, to be there for humanity, to be a child of God. Life is a gift that I have come to cherish greatly and I am glad that right now, I am writing my own story by living it by my own terms. I hope you’re doing the same!



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