When I decided to give a shot at working in the corporate world, I already had an idea of how this world runs. Bureaucracy, non-existent work-life balance etc. One thing I knew I would I have a problem with is fitting in because I have always been told that I have a quirky personality. I remember the few interviews I attended which had me researching how to behave ‘professionally’, what to say instead of the normal ‘questions to be asked during interviews’ kind of preparations.

I am that kind of person that says what is on my mind at any minute and I have come to learn that this is not highly appreciated in this world. I once had a supervisor who told me that I have strong opinions (lol). I am also blessed in the facial expressions department and you can only imagine how much trouble I have gotten into because of this! (sigh) Let’s also not talk about the fact that I can’t keep quiet for more than twenty minutes; so yes, I am a noise maker in the office together with my partner in crime Rob :-). Have I mentioned that I have four alter egos and two of them belong in the theater? Sometimes they will appear during my office hours and lets also assume that they are as well behaved as Tom and Jerry.

In a nutshell, you can clearly tell that my persona wasn’t made for this world but hey, I am still here. I have come to appreciate the power of being myself unapologetically. My colleagues have eventually accepted me for me (even though it took a while) and I am grateful that I am able to be myself every single day in such a hectic environment. I am enjoying every bit of this journey; definitely wasn’t part of my childhood dreams but I believe in no wasted experience. Tchin-tchin to creating more memories in this world alongside Rob.



2 thoughts on “002: SHAMELESSLY DIFFERENT!

  1. Jep… Your hair is forever goals. Missing some hair blog post. away from hair, your facial expressions make me miss you aki. glad to see you are blending in well with the corporate world. Its tough i agree but when you let your personality shine through it, you become a better person each day and people learn to appreciate you.

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