Meeting people of different backgrounds every single day is scary. What is most scary though is the fact that they all have their own stories that I know nothing of but my mind is always busy trying to judge them based on how they walk, how they talk, how they are dressed. I have heard a gazillion time that first impressions matter but at times, I tend to disagree because making a judgement on someone based on the only one time you crossed paths with them seems unfair.

How I present myself today to a stranger is influenced by many things among them being who the stranger is, the weather, the food I ate etc. I have always wondered whether people take time to try see beyond what is presented in front of them; to try and understand more about their fellow humans or to make an effort to look into the other person’s eyes and relate with them.

I first learnt about backstories in my acting class and this is something that is required when you get a new script. You need to create a backstory for your character in order to give them flesh and bring them to life. Backstories help you to understand this new person and what I enjoy most about this process, is that I also get to understand myself more and more. In my sociology class, I learnt about human behavior and this challenged me to strive to understand people; to listen to their stories; to look in their eyes and understand what they feel and to read the energy they transmit to their environment. It is fulfilling but hard at the same time because it takes a lot of energy and it also means letting my story out because you receive what you give right?

Making the choice to become the kind of person I would want to see others be has also been a great motivation. I believe that taking that extra time to know a fellow human and understand them is one step towards creating change because fact is, you would never intentionally hurt someone that you understand unless you are venom. It takes more to be more and backstories are the key to that. Do you believe in them as well?


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