Drips and drops

Oh how they make their stops

Makes me wonder how

They make my breathe blow

If you know me then you understand my obsession for the rain. Well, obsession might be a strong word; let’s put it as a strong love for rain (lol). I like watching as the drops fall and the splash they make when they finally hit the ground. I like watching them make small little holes in the soil and i can’t stop to imagine how the earth sings for the seemingly coming to an end drought (which never really ends. Its a scam; a tease of the times of Noah. Would the earth rejoice at reliving that?)

I am also obsessed with watching the sunsets. I love the breeze that comes with the sun quickly trying to find its way out of a seemingly long day (maybe it gets tired of its own heat; we will never know it’s thoughts though, how sad). The golden orangey ones will always have a special place in my heart; they have an effect on me the same way Ranveer and Anushka do in Dum Dum. They make my spirit full.

There’s also something about trees. I have always enjoyed being in their presence and listening to them and watching them making some stellar moves to their own songs in response to their dearest cousin wind. There’s something about planting a tree, especially putting it into a freshly dug hole and positioning it well then enveloping it with all the loam goodness and after that watching it grow for years and 15 years later sitting under it’s shade while munching on wild fruits and listening to birds chirping in their home and laughing at the sun because its rays can’t get to you! Such joy trees bring me!

I could go on and on about my experiences about nature. I have always felt connected to everything around me; some people call it weird, bizarre, complex but really it’s just about being an earth child (lol) or maybe i’m meant to be Jep of the Jungle (we will never know). Reveling in these seemingly small things is what brings me a lot of pure joy. I wonder if anyone relates though?!


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