We all live in a complicated world; at least for me it is else how can anyone explain why the sun was shining thirty minutes ago and suddenly it rained for seventeen minutes and the sun glided back like nothing happened. Maybe the sun was trying to escape from its own heat aye but we’ll never know because with nature you just never know or should we assume that this is the effect of our human actions on the universe. Maybe the universe wanted to show us its pain through its tears but who even feels the universe when we are so busy trying to find better lives, better friends and hell trying to run away from the seemingly hard lives; we call it vacays, leaves and all those names we have created so that we can get our hard-earned rest! Ha! Everyone is chasing rest nowadays huh!

We all are escapists of sorts in our own ways. We are always trying to move from one situation to another; trying to run away from our feelings by inventing ways we call defensive mechanisms because we don’t want to face what has made us who we are. I’m not saying it’s wrong at all but does all of this escaping help us leave the kind of life we envisioned in our innocent childhood? Well, some have succeeded in becoming more than what society thought of them; they escaped people’s perceptions and I believe this is what most of us are afraid of. How many times have we made decisions based on what is the ‘norm’ because we are afraid of being questioned? 

I am a culprit of escapism; there are times I have tried to run away from myself (it never worked out) and there are times I have run away from other people’s ideas of me (totally worked out). The latter has enabled me to live a happier life where I get to live life by my own rules unapologetically. Is it easy? Depends on how you look at it. I am slowly learning to embrace being an escapist and so can but don’t run away from you; escape from the venoms! 

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