This platform has come a long long way from being about randomness to being about hair and now being about the stories that I have always wanted to tell; the ones that always end up at the back of my head because I think they are stupid or that no one would ever want to read them even when I do want to share my thoughts with whoever cares to care. It has taken a lot of beating myself to put up some posts for the fear of being judged. It takes a lot to even write down mine thoughts but who said it would be easy anyway?

I remember how excited I was to create my domain name and I am happy that I still do have that excitement even as I write this piece. I revel in sharing because I know that somewhere there’s someone who thinks like me even though I may not have found them in my current world (maybe someday). It can be hard to be a misunderstood human especially when everyone around you reminds you that you are not like many people your age but who said that growing up is easy anyway? 

Today I have gotten myself my domain (finally) after four years of promising myself that I would do it. I have always wanted to have something that fully represents who I am and I believe that this platform is one of those things; those that fill my heart until it overflows. It is part of the journey of pursuing my hearty desires relentlessly. It is part of discovering me and making an impact where I can as I traverse the world. If you’re reading this, I hope you are also pursuing your hearty desires with all that you have because what’s the worst that could happen anyway?


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