010: SOCIAL FOR GOOD – Introspective thoughts.

Conversations about social media have been going round and at some point they have been romanticized. We may all want to seem up to date about what people are talking about, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but I believe that talk without action is kaput. A few days ago I joined the #SocialForGood Live-Athon conversation hosted by Priyanka Chopra on Facebook and she was having a discussion with several change makers about how we are using social media. This has since prompted me have this conversation with myself and be candid about how I am using social.

As a digital marketer, at times it becomes hard for me to define my reasons for being on social media. My job description requires me to be up to date with everything  going on in the digital space and that means that a lot of time is spent on social media. This has greatly affected my own idea of social media and how I approach my own accounts. At first, when I became a digital marketer, I found myself hating this space because it is honestly draining to be online about 8 hours every single day; this drove me to stay away from my own social media platforms. After a while, I prompted myself to have a honest discussion with me about why I am in this space in the first place which led to some accounts being let go and others being reorganized. 

Demystifying being on social media and what it means for me has been helpful. I want my platforms to be a source of positivity and inspiration for me and also other people because it wouldn’t be social media without people right? I am also slowly learning to focus on my platforms whilst on my job without clashing objectives; it’s definitely going to take sometime before I finally grasp it all but I am grateful for the #SocialForGood discussion that sparked these thoughts. I believe that such conversations are great to have especially with ourselves. Lets be candid and ensure that we stay true to who we are even on our socials; it’s part of living a healthy life.

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