012: LIFE IN THE RAIN: Dirty water chronicles!

Photo by Hilary Halliwell from Pexels

I love the rain. I don’t mind the little soothing drops when they lightly graze my skin. Rob also doesn’t mind the rain; we have made many trips together in the rain. At times, I wonder whether the universe decides to make a mockery of our rain love. I mean, how can anyone explain the bad bad bad drivers that will always seek to make your walk a pain because they just can’t drive slowly when they get to a pool of water! Monstrosity is the only word that explains this behavior. We have had several pool-water-washing kind of experiences which have totally been annoying.

There’s this day that we were leisurely walking home after the Lord had opened up the skies and of course, with the Nairobi roads, there were pools of water everywhere. We were minding our business when I suddenly felt some liquid drip from my head through my mouth. As I was trying to register what was happening, I felt the impact of pool water on my skirt. Alas! So drivers decided that pedestrians are trees and needed some kind of nutrition so that they can grow! To say that Rob and I were mad would be underestimating the situation, we were really really mad; like the kind of calling Venom a parasite mad. 

Anyhoo, what could we do? We were all wet in dirty water that God knows what it contained (parasites). We’ve had this experience two more times and I honestly just don’t understand how a fellow human being can do something like this to another. Like how? We’ve definitely learnt how to adapt to such situations but I know that as long as we are still living this pedestrian life, it’s bound to happen again because bad drivers will always be there aye! We have them in our prayers though, maybe they will reform or maybe not which is still okay. We also have some horses that almost ran us down in our prayers. Dang! This pedestrian life!

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