013: THE WHITE HAT – At what price?

Photo by omar alnahi from Pexels

I don’t believe in cheating. I don’t believe in short cuts. I don’t believe because I have a conviction that they are not the only ways to get to a destination. Where does all this begin? I believe it all began when we were brought into this world; when we were taught ways to survive in this world. I wonder if phrases like ‘survival of the fittest’ were never mentioned in biology, we would have a different way of thinking. Except for you might be thinking that the context of the phrase points to animals and in this case, aren’t we animals? Kingdom Animalia, Class Mammalia?

“Now, let’s see if you can survive.” Miranda Shaw’s words to trainees at Quantico in the series. It has all been about survival. Survive school, survive work, survive relationships, survive everything because the world is not your oyster; because the world is not at your feet? And what have we created through this survival? A humanity that will do anything to survive; a humanity that will hurt each other in the name of survival. What have we done?

In the midst all of this, it’s good to see some humans actually want to bring about change. They believe in thriving and not surviving. Thriving because it makes you feel human; makes you know that you have a purpose; makes you know that you have a role to play. I wasn’t taught to thrive in all aspects of my life but I have taught that to me. Many other people have taught that to them; they’ve decided to be change agents. To live not by what they are told but by what they believe in; to stand by what is right – the truth; to wear the white hat. I’ve always wondered though, what’s the price to pay for wearing the white hat?

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