When I randomly saw a MUN (Model United Nations) ad as I was lazily swiping through my instagram stories, I had no idea that it would be one step towards the realization of my dreams. I remember instantly going to the website and having thoughts that this would be a scam (lol). I came back a few days later after doing my research and made my application. I somehow didn’t take it seriously because I kept asking myself “What are the chances that you’ll be chosen out of about 10,000 applicants?” I guess now I have the answer to that question and I am truly grateful to God and to the GGMUN (Global Goals Model United Nations) committee for giving such a life changing experience.

While I had never participated in any MUN and this would be my first, I decided to run with it because every opportunity is a learning experience. Most of the delegates were first timers anyway so there wasn’t much pressure to begin with. Being able to represent DRC in Goal 5 of the SDGs was a great opportunity; one, because Gender Equality is close to my heart and two, because I got to learn so much about this subject. Meeting young people from different countries telling their stories and realizing that what I know about many Asian countries is as a result of stereotypes was a wake up call; I now believe that self education should come first and that whatever is said on the news or on the internet is not totally true.

Miss Grand International 2018 – Clara Sosa

Going to Malaysia for this conference was no mean feat; I mean, I still can’t wrap my head around how I was able to do it. Its surreal. I remember when I got to the airport to leave for Malaysia, I posted on my Whatsapp story “When dreams become a reality, it is scary”. I have always wanted to visit this beautiful country since when I was about 8 or 9 years old when I would see an ad on AlJazeera with a tagline “Malaysia truly Asia” – been a long way huh! I can’t explain the feeling of being able to do this on my own. I would get random thoughts like “What if I got kidnapped?” or “What if the plane fell into the sea?” (lol) but there was also “What if you have a great experience?” and i’m thankful that I got to experience the latter.

For anyone who has been a first timer at a MUN, you know how easy it is to get lost because things move pretty first not to mention the rules of procedure and it gets harder when you have to battle jet lag (no bueno). I would say that sitting in for the sessions for a whole day was really painful for me. Being in transit for 16 hours and having little time to rest not to mention being about 5000 miles away from home and the time difference and culture shock. It’s a lot to take in but you need to adjust quickly.

I remember waking up at 6am and wondering why it was still dark because surprise, the sun rises at 8 am in Kuala Lumpur. All in all, I made it through in one piece,after drinking a tonne of black coffee (Health alert: Too much black coffee is not good for you) and I am proud that I took part in creating solutions for the menace of gender inequality. Looking at how other countries are fairing, Kenya is on the right path. We need to keep pushing!

The highlight of this trip was meeting people from different cultures. I have always been a huuuge fan of Asian culture from watching Filipino telenovelas to Bollywood and even diversifying and learning to sing their songs and now dances kakaka! The Filipino’s I met couldn’t believe that I watched their shows let alone sing in tagalog – I might have been given a direct pass to be a Filipino citizen; still contemplating on taking it, lol. Ooooh and about my love for Bollywood which led me to bond with three amazing ladies Akhila from India, Sarah from Djibouti and Eunike from Indonesia – pretty diverse but with the same passion. Oh the late nights we had dancing to music, I mean, what more could I ask for. To have met these wonderful ladies and many others is something I am grateful for. I can’t even believe that I was afraid that I wouldn’t make any friends kakaka!

Whoosh! This is getting pretty long huh! I would go on and on about it because it was a pretty exciting experience. I do not have words to say how grateful I am or to explain how magical it was. With the little I am able to share with y’all, I hope that you are inspired to follow your dreams and to keep pushing. It may seem like ages before achieving what we dream about but in the end, when we live our dreams, all the challenges we have gone through to get there make it worth it. This post is majorly about the MUN experience, if you want to read more about being in Kuala Lumpur, stay tuned for the next post. If you got here, thank you for reading and as they would say in Malay, Selamat datang ke Kendhistoires (Welcome to Kendhistoires)


3 thoughts on “015: MY GGMUN EXPERIENCE!

  1. Hey gal.am really proud of you. I love the Philippines and hopefully I will get there some day..wow.I thank God for you.you are an inspiration to me❤

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