Mirror mirror on the wall

Tell me it’s time for the ball

Or is it the mall?

Well, maybe I’m having a ball

Or maybe it’s just a mental…

Weary in this enslavement

Thought it’s was an oversight

But what has it made me?

A sailor maybe

Or a wager?

Well, I don’t even know

Because I have refused to let know

This dilemma…

“Follow your heart”, so they say

“No! Listen to your mind”, goes another

Who is right?

Whom should I believe?

My heart?

Oh no. I don’t want to be a slave to my emotions

My mind?

I will be a puppet to my ambitions

So what now?

Is anything ever right?

So many questions that I can’t answer…

It is weird until now, I know

Just until you realize that

You’ve been on a carrousel for 15 minutes

Or that

Avalanche is catching up with you and

You’re still smiling at it

Or that It never ends…does it?


This will continue to the end of forever

There’s never gonna be an end to this

Because I have no endeavor

Or rather

I don’t know if I have one

But maybe you do

Maybe you know what I want,

What I need

Maybe you are what I have been looking for

My Messiah, my Shanghai…


Still sounds in this epoch

But I give up now

I will never come to an end of this forever

Because it has no expiration

Yet I wasn’t aware of its inception

I guess I have no choice

But to slump and be SHANGHAIED

I wrote this poem about 4 years ago. I was in that stage of life where you get confused over listening to people’s ideas of how your life should be and wanting to make your own choices and not knowing where it will all end. I have different view now; I don’t need to be shanghaied by anything or anyone whatsoever. I live life by my own terms. I guess this is what is called growth aye!

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