I get lost in stories. I may somehow say stories are my form of escape from reality. They introduce me to a different world from the one I am living in and they always remind me to count my blessings. Films and books have played a huge role in my life – especially how I view the world around me and being conscious of how different people are.

This is going to be a monthly series. I intend to document the stories that have changed my life in one way or another through my perusing a page or sitting in my heavenly place – the cinema. Here is one of story that touched my heart in March and taught me a great lesson to apply in my life.

Film: Kesari

Words escape me as I try to put into words how this film made me feel. Set in the British colonial era, Kesari is a true story of a war that took place in Saragarhi in 1897 where the battle was fought by the 36th Sikh Regiment made up of only 21 Sikhs. This story evoked the purest of emotions in me from love to pain to anger and tenderness. It amazes me how I was able to experience all these emotions in one film. Despite it being a sad story, the writer found a way of infusing comedy.

The greatest lesson I learnt from Kesari is about putting your best foot forward even when the odds are against you. The 21 Sikhs had no chance whatsoever of winning the war against 10,000+ intruders, but they did not let that crush their spirits. They fought to their last breathe while being led by their resilient and excellent leader Ishar Singh (Akshay Kumar). The dedication they had even in the face of adversity reminds me that I have to keep walking even when the forest is dark. It doesn’t matter whether there’s light at the end of it or not, you have to keep moving, because if you don’t, how will you know?

I would definitely say that this is one of the few films that has greatly impacted me. The visuals, sound and everything about Kesari is simply amazing. You should watch it and listen to one of the songs, Teri mitti – it will melt tour heart! I live for such kind of stories that tear your heart to the core and then fills it up with love – despite the tears. I’ll be featuring stories from both films and books as we progress, so stay put! Have you subscribed yet? What are you waiting for?



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