It feels like a spark has ignited and there’s this kind of hope, happiness and achievement of dreams. You often find yourself feeling an alarming kind of energy and ready to do whatever is brought to your plate. Do you ask questions? Well, this depends on whether you are seasoned or quite new into this environment all together either way, you take some time to read what your new surroundings are made of.

You try so hard to do everything right because you do not want to disappoint and most times you will not get any kind of validation for what you do, but do you give up? You are trying to prove how good you are at thriving in a high pressure environment right? You even work till 11pm and carry notebooks to all meetings even ones that do not need you to.

A time comes when you are thrown into a project – thrown because no one gives you any kind of brief but you’re expected to know everything – and seemingly everyone else who is supposed to help seems to know nothing about it but the project needs to be perfect right? At this point you know that you cannot say that you do not know how to do it because aren’t you there to learn and how do you learn without being hands on, huh?

If you survive the first week, well done and if you survive a month, props to you – survive because you fight for your life all through it. Let’s not even talk about the toxic environment right now. Oh, you know all those projects you have put your and heart and soul into, somebody else takes credit for it but you can’t say anything because you were under supervision right? Well, welcome to the job market you were so eager to get into. Isn’t adulting fun?

Oh and how much remuneration do you get for nearly killing yourself? I bet that it does cater for the kind of lifestyle you’ve always dreamt of and how is your experience so far with the tax man – we will choose not to talk about this today. This, my dear, is what I like to call the new job syndrome. Well, I am still figuring out how I can be able to thrive instead of surviving during those first days, if you have any tips, share with a friend. Always remember that you are not alone.


2 thoughts on “024: NEW JOB SYNDROME!

  1. I totally relate. Especially that part of people taking your credit for their own😭

    I would say just hold on, venture into whatever it is as you look for brighter options that may come your way. Also pray and enjoy your current season. It doesn’t last forever…Don’t stress! Itakua sawa ma!!

    Love light❤️❤️

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