If tomorrow was promised…

I wonder whether I would have a longing for the morrow

I wonder whether I would dare to dream

I wonder whether i’d push myself to be better

I wonder whether i’d pay attention

I wonder whether i’d watch the setting orange sun from my office window

I wonder whether i’d dance my days away with much happiness

I wonder whether i’d be grateful for little things in life

If tomorrow was promised…

Would I bother to check up on my friends?

Would I have a to-do list to ensure I utilized my time well?

Would I care for the environment that takes care of me?

Would I make wise financial decisions?

Would I speak my mind when I should?

Would I live life by my own terms?

Tomorrow is not promised…

It makes me celebrate life

It makes me appreciate the opportunities that I have

It makes me dream of a future that I hope to realize

It makes me appreciate the people around me

It makes me stand up for what I believe in

It makes me enjoy watching the orange sunsets

It makes me appreciate the beauty of humanity and the world

It makes me know that any minute could be goodbye

Live Today! Salud!

2 thoughts on “026: IF TOMORROW WAS PROMISED…

  1. Yes if tomorrow was known then there would be nuthing to push and propel us to work hard and improve from today.


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