Book: Stop Pissing Me Off by Lynne Eisaguirre

This book is a life savior for me. It gives insights on how to live with people in the workplace by understanding them and how to deal with the most annoying of humans. The most important lesson I have learnt from the few chapters I have read is that, you always have to evaluate yourself. Before you complain about your co-worker, look at your actions first. Determine whether you were in the wrong before blaming somebody else. This self-evaluation enables you to identify what you need to work on and also prevent unnecessary brawls in the office.

Another important lesson I learnt is being aware of the amount of stress that situations give me. There are many times that I have found myself feeling tired and feeling demotivated to work without really having a good reason as to why I have such feelings. However, after reading this book, I have been able to take stock of how I feel after each and every thing I do, especially at work. I have realized that morning meetings drain my energy and my productivity levels are always down after attending them. I am slowly learning to find ways of ensuring that I preserve my energy, during these meetings, so that I can have a productive day.

Film: Aladdin

This is one of those films that took me on a journey. Aladdin is an iconic Disney movie and was definitely well produced. The one thing that stood out for me in this movie is the importance of being authentic and true to oneself. Even with patriarchal beliefs being thrown at her, Princess Jasmine stood strong and spoke up when she felt that things were not right. She kept being told that a lady cannot be an heir to the throne but that did not stop her.  She emphasizes this through her outstanding performance of the song ‘Speechless’. Through her, I am inspired to stand for what I believe in, putting in mind that there might be a price to pay.

Film: Raazi

As a fan of spy thrillers and dramas, this film captivated my mind and soul. Raazi is a film about a young lady who decided to take over her sickly father’s spot as a spy. She makes this choice because she believes that her country comes first and goes through the necessary training.  She knows that taking this path means that she is saying goodbye to her dreams and that she may end up doing things like ‘eliminating threats’ that will leave her scarred. If her cover gets blown, she’ll be eliminated; if not by her enemy, then by her own people. Through this film, I have learnt the power of sacrifice. There are times in life that we are forced to sacrifice a part of ourselves or even our dreams for a worthy cause. It is important to know what is worth your sacrifice; not everything is.

I hope that my few lessons from these diverse stories help you to see the world in a different and wholesome way.


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