They make you draw a picture perfect future

They make you see the potential that you carry

They make you see a better in each imperfect person that we all are

They give you reassurance of a better tomorrow

They make you see meaning in life


They make you wish you hadn’t dreamt

They make your dreams seem too big and impossible

They make you question your ambition

They make you focus on the imperfections where perfect doesn’t exist

They make you question the meaning of it all


It introduces you to how the world is

It introduces you to good and bad people

It introduces you to challenges that either make or break you

It introduces you to the self that you didn’t know could exist

It shows you that hopes can become a reality

It shows you that doubts deter you from your goals

It shows you that both hopes and doubts exist in one world

It forces you to choose your destiny!

Are you hopeful or doubtful?


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