It’s quite easy to believe the scornful laughs especially when they are right on your face. These are people that you have grown up with, spent time together with. They appear to know more about what is good for you than you do. You’ll tell them about your dreams and they will say they are great, and then you’ll say that you are going to chase your dreams no matter how challenging it may be, and that’s where you’ll see those laughs – the scornful ones that are meant to make you ‘wake up’ because apparently, those great dreams you have seem to be too big but are they really?

It’s quite funny how our childhood presented us with endless opportunities to be who we wanted to be. If you fell, you’d be cheered on to stand up and continue trying. If you failed in school, you’d be encouraged to try again and again. I never understood mathematics no matter how many 5 sums a day I did, or numerous past papers I did in order to improve my grades. I was always encouraged to keep trying, which I did, and I passed, finally, after toiling for many years, lol. If you wanted to be president, you’d be told that you can be anything you want, because the sky is the limit. I wonder where the drive to cheer people on to chase their dreams went to!

It’s quite funny how in my adulthood now, I find myself chasing my childhood dreams and all I hear from people around me is ‘you’re crazy’, ‘that’s impossible’, ‘you’re too ambitious’, ‘are you still dreaming? Time to wake up’. I understand that life does not turn out to be how we expected it to be but who said that you have to give up. In pursuit of my hearty desires, I have realized that I have to work thrice as hard in order to achieve my dreams which are now my goals. Nothing comes on a silver platter and you know what, the journey is what makes it all interesting. I am learning to embrace all that I am finding through this voyage and challenging myself to learn from every possible situation. I have learnt that our dreams are faithful, they are always there waiting for us to go after them. It’s not easy at all, but who said it would be?

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