No one ever promised me that I will come across perfect human beings. No one is perfect anyway. However, there are those people you come across and you wonder whether they are the problem or thyself?! I have come across one and I prefer to call them, The Corporate Pendejo (TCP). This person has definitely gone against all the lessons I got about leadership. I was taught that leadership is about service, they embody selfishness and wave it around like a flag. I was taught to speak my mind unapologetically, they take pride in silencing those who do so while they take orders, even when they don’t make sense, without question. I was taught to treat people with respect, this one seems to find a lot of joy in disrespecting people. The cherry on the cake is that this TCP is a pathological liar who is praised by ‘leaders’ – read psychopaths – that believe in their hearts that they are better than everyone else, and that the law should bend the knee when they cough!

If you have worked in the corporate space and have been labelled a millennial, you probably understand pretty well what I am taking about. You have come across many TCPs who are out to kill the talents of the youth, and concorting all manner of excuses to ‘prove’ that millennials are lazy and not hard working. Well, how about these TCPs take responsibility for making young people their slaves and thrashing anyone who has an opinion because they believe that you have to do what is dictated without question, even when it doesn’t make any absolute sense. Why don’t they want to take responsibility for creating psychopaths and pathological liars in the name of playing corporate politics?!

I could ignore this TCP if they were not harmless. The fact that everything that they touch turns black or is destroyed is worrying given that until now, they have destroyed people’s lives in one way or another including terminating contracts of the strong-opinionated female employees that they feel are a threat to their job, emotionally blackmailing the people that work under them, making decisions on behalf of their team therefore rendering the whole team’s voice useless because anyway, their team doesn’t respect them nor agree with their decisions. To call this TCP a destroyer is an understatement, I have not come across one word to give the absolute perfect description for what they are. Maybe you, the reader, can help me with this.

I could go on and on about this TCP but one thing I have learnt from them is that I do not want to be a leader who forces respect and authority. We are in the age where leadership is not defined by a title; we are in the age where a leader is one who is an expert in their field, embodies values and principles, respects people irrespective of age, gender, job title or whatever labels society has created to limit people to remain in boxes.

We are bound to come across these TCPs in our lives. I have met one and these people have no soul. The best way to live with them is to ignore their existence. If I have to work with any of them in the future, I shall be sure to keep my distance because I do not want the snake’s poison to land on me. It’s bearable enough to come across a TCP but a chauvinist TCP, well, how about we have this chat some other time!


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