033: TAKING STOCK – 2019

http://Photo by Hello I’m Nik 🇬🇧 on Unsplash

There’s something absolutely refreshing about waking up each day and realizing that you are living your dream. There’s something absolutely inspiring about knowing that all the efforts that you put have borne fruit. There’s something absolutely uplifting about knowing that the Lord blesses His children when we put all our trust in Him. There’s something absolutely motivating about not knowing what the future holds but trusting that taking each day at a time is the best way to live.

Typing these words feels a little bit strange because I have been away from this space for quite some time. Life happened in different ways such as moving to France for graduate school. My fingers have been dancing to the tune of researching for my assignments and finding ways of improving my French. It has been hectic but I am enjoying every bit of it. Moving abroad alone has been daunting and I have learnt so much about myself in the process – I wished someone warned me earlier, either way, I am grateful.

When the year started, I created a vision board to highlight some of the main goals that I wanted to achieve. Looking at it now, I am very happy that I got to achieve most of them. I set my mantra for this year as #LIMITLESS and I am extremely proud because I have embodied it in all that I have done. I participated in my first ever GGMUN conference where I was a gender equality delegate and it was one of the most impactful experiences this year. I have spoken up in situations where I was oppressed for being a woman and I challenged status quo even after facing discrimination and feeling firsthand the consequences of using my voice – I do not regret any of it at all. I would do it again. #AwayWithChauvinists.

This year has been monumental in shaping my friendships. I am grateful for the few that I have – who have supported me and helped me discover myself. And it is really hard to start a new life abroad away from them. I once heard that one of the benefits of living abroad is you get to make many friends but I guess whoever said this forgot that introverts exist in this world because it is not easy.

I have a whole criteria for friendship #Jep’sFriendshipCriteria. I can’t be friends with just anyone. First of all, our energies need to click and you should be someone who understands what personal space is #IfYouKnowYouKnow. And the most important, no small talk. Who invented this?! Honestly, small talk is so boring it annoys my nerves. I need real human beings with real things to talk about. With that said, I have lots of acquaintances and i’m pretty much okay with that. If you can relate, we are friends already!

And then there’s winter. Oh boy! Someone should have warned me. I don’t even have words to explain this. I got some inspiration and posted something on my FB a few days ago giving a hazy picture of what winter is. Basically, I wasn’t ready for this type of cold though I am enjoying the warm drinks and warm clothing. Can’t say no to boots, warm socks and sweater dresses huh!

There are things that I would definitely do better this year like reading more books. I really fell off my bandwagon even though I watched so many films I can’t even count. Now I have to get back to building my library because I gave out most of my books when I moved to France. I am excited about starting over because I have changed a lot – in terms of what I am interested in. I am leaning more towards philosophy – so normal, I know and my interest in science has also peaked. This is weird because I have never liked science but fun fact, I love cooking and all things hair and the secret to having the best experiences of the two lies in science. So now, I am exploring science in order to understand my hair and food in a better way. I may be sharing a lot more of these in 2020.

And last but not least, I have done a pretty job at sharing my stories here. I could have done better but I appreciate myself for the efforts I made. I appreciate you too for continuously coming back here and if you are new, welcome to my crazy world. I definitely have bigger plans for this blog in the coming year and I am super excited. I’ll be sharing about my life in France and even bringing back all things hair because I want to share all the healthy hair tricks and tips I have gathered in almost 6 years. We all need to have flourishing crowns.

I can confidently say 2019 has been a year of growth and I am looking forward to 2020 with an open mind and ready to love, be happy and grow. I hope you are doing the same. Wishing you happy holidays and may your 2020 start on a high note and high energy.



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