Having a love-hate relationship with your hair is quite a normal phenomenon – at least if you have kinky curly hair. One day you’ll wake up and the hair gods have showered you will all glossy moisturized cooperative goodness and some days you’ll think that you were cursed by a witch buried in the abyss. It’s the kind of relationship that you choose deliberately because of the unconditional love that exists between our hearts and our hair. It is this love that pushes us through the tough times of unexplained breakage, constant dryness etc.

Being my first time experiencing winter, I had no idea what was in store for me. I thought that it would be super cold and I would have to dress in outrageously huge wool-laden coats and thick heated socks and my problems would be solved. Why did no one tell me about the dry air that would suck the life out of my hair and my skin? I had extremely oily skin and now, it is dry even after two layers of moisturizing cream (72 hours of moisture is what they tell us in their ads – marketing gimmics -).

Previously, my hair would go three days before needing to be re-moisturized and in that case a light water spritz would be absolutely fine. Bearing in mind that my hair has high porosity, it pretty much didn’t give me any trouble. Fast forward to present day, my hair is always dry. I have tried the LOC, LCO but none of them work because my hair still gets dry within a day. Even the heavy leave-in conditioners and hair creams have been defeated. This kind of madness is driving me crazy.

I have contemplated cutting off my hair at least 3 times every week, lol, but then I remind myself of my primary school days when we were forced to shave our heads. There was no differentiation between boys and girls not forgetting our glistening bald heads, thanks to the Vaseline that we generously treated our scalps to. I am definitely not trying to relive those days, so dealing with this dry hurdle is an obligation.

I have thought of wearing wigs but I can’t wrap my head around it. Maybe i’ll probably stumble upon one and figure out whether I am ready to develop a wig relationship. Have I found a solution to my overly dry hair? Absolutely not. I am trying my best to stay positive and enjoy every step of this journey. They say that there’s light at the end of the dark tunnel save for I do not feel like I am in a dark tunnel, maybe a foggy one, so maybe my seemingly blurry situation will dissipate soon.

I am actively keeping my hair in twists – which I find boring because I like wearing my hair out in a huge twist out and transforming it into a mountainous puff. And definitely not forgetting the numerous water spritzs I have to feed my twists. I am slowly starting to feel like I have a whole garden on my head. Oh well, the things we do for love huh! I am keeping my faith through this time whilst holding on to hope and praying that this beautiful hair of mine survives. If you’re going through the same, don’t give up and if you’re not, send your hair gods my way, lol.



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