040: CORONA VIRUS: What’s at stake?

The constant reminder of our mortality as human beings is what seems to scare us the most. We never really seem to want to think about the limited time we have on this planet because it is scary to actually think that someday, we are not going to be here any more. At times, I find myself wondering what life is after this earth but obviously, I never have any answers because no one has crossed over and told a convincing tale about it.

What I have been thinking about this past few days is the corona virus, COVID-19, that has made everyone around me go into panic mode – and for good reason. Two students from my school have tested positive for it and although it is said that they did not mix with other students after their return from vacation in Italy, it is petrifying to think that the virus is closer than we may think. The best situation in this case is put prevention measures in place knowing that until now, there’s no cure for it.

It is sad to see how fear has turned humans into hateful beings. Seeing racist comments made about Chinese people really does show how dispeakable we can be. It’s brainless for anyone to actually think that the virus will discriminate based on race – given its wide and fast spread, we all know that this is not a virus vs race battle rather a virus vs humanity battle and one that we are bound to lose if we continue focusing on being discriminative. It still baffles me that racism is still a problem in 2020. When will we grow up?

I am hopeful that this situation will get better. If anything, it reminds us that tomorrow is never and will never be promised. Instead of panicking and turning ourselves into bastards, I think that we should wash our hands and treat each other with respect. We are all victims whether we are directly infected or not. The spread of the virus is affecting our economies as well. In the end, how we carry ourselves through this difficult time definitely says something about our character.


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