042: We are at war!

http://Photo by Scott Rodgerson on Unsplash

The realization that things are not going on habitually is uncomfortable. Two days ago I went to the grocery store, just as I always do and I was taken aback, first, by the unusual high number of customers, (since it was on a Sunday), and second, by the number of empty shelves – which is a phenomenon I had never seen before. I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that the demand for tissue paper is higher than its supply. I am also trying to figure out the relationship between rolls of tissue paper and being in quarantine. I do not know if people will live in their washrooms now that they are going to be home all day – I just don’t get it.

If you are not already in the know, we have been instructed to quarantine ourselves for 15 days. President Macron gave this directive on 16th March in order to curb the rising cases of Covid-19. If we need to go out, we are supposed to have an ‘attestation’ which is a document/certificate indicating your reason for stepping out of the house (crazy times). This reminds me of being in boarding school (read prison) where we needed to have a permission slip in order to see a doctor. It was some kind of déjà vu because I am reliving it only that right now, I have no qualms about it because I basically have been living in quarantine forever (hello introversion).

I am happy that I do not have to physically go to class now that we have online classes. It is an new and interesting experience all together and definitely better that most physical classes (I have real trauma from primary school. Story for another day). What is really challenging is organizing my time but eventually, I should get better at it because exams are beckoning from around the corner and they are the best motivation to keep myself in check because I am not trying to prolong my tenure as a student.

Anyhoo, I am realizing that we are in a precarious situation and we should try as much as possible to spread positivity. During his address, President Macron reiterated several times ‘Nous sommes en guerre‘ which means we are at war. He, obviously, spoke metaphorically seeing that what we are grupling with is a pandemic but at the same time a war because it is killing people, paralyzing businesses, causing immense panic and forcing us to stay behind closed doors. All we can do is hope and pray that this too shall pass as we wash our hands and practice social distancing.

Quarantinely yours,


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