043: Being productive during confinement

Days seem longer, nights seem shorter and dates get lost in their calendars. This is a seemingly accurate description of what self-confinement feels like. It gets boring after a while and if you’re watching the news, you might find yourself sinking into some kind of depression because there’s barely anything to lift up our spirits.

I am choosing to keep myself busy as much as possible because going crazy is nowhere near my vision. Today morning I woke up to the chirps of birds which transported me back to my little village in Kenya. It made me realize how out of tune I had become with nature because this was my first time I had heard of them, ever since I moved here (surprise!)

I have been doing some free online classes to upgrade my skillset. I discovered Skillshare which is absolutely amazing because of the plethora of classes available. Another amazing site is Life Is Content with courses for anyone who wants to build their online brand. I am amazed by how much resources we have at our disposal. There’s no excuse to be bored or to be unproductive when there’s an opportunity to be better at something.

In addition, I have been falling in love, once again, with the hobbies that I seemed to have pushed behind the curtain. I have been challenging myself to read some of my favorite books like Little Black Book: A Toolkit For Working Women by Otegha Uwagba and Uncommon Type by Tom Hanks. Balancing fiction and non-fiction is really important for me because I like to be transported into different realms that challenge me to think out of the box and creating a sturdy bridge between the two worlds.

And since my classes are not over because my amazing school organized online classes for us, I am trying as much as possible to work on my group projects (hello stress) and reading course material [death by statistics] because exams are singing in their soprano voices from their corners. I honestly can’t wait for this semester to be over. It’s been a wild ride – still is.

3 ingredient wheat salad

My other favorite things to do during this time is hands down trying out new recipes and working out. I am enjoying getting creative with the ingredients that I have, to make quick easy and nutritious meals. I am discovering really amazing fun work outs that motivate me to wake up and burn some calories. Not to forget, the amazing list I have created on Netflix because I want to be entertained. I have discovered informative documentaries such as Broken and Dirty Money which keep my critical thinking mind very busy.

These are some of the things that are keeping my mind away from the tough situation we are all going through. It is my prayer that we power through this and come out stronger. We may have no idea what the future holds, but we can make use of the today and now that we have to the best of our abilities. Stay hopeful, stay productive, stay positive.


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