044: Getting inspiration from incredible women

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

It very easy to forget our tenacity and strength especially when everything seems to be working against us. The desire to continue pushing, hoping that somehow somewhere along the way you’ll find someone or something to hold your hand, is what makes the going possible. Well many times, what you find along the way are more and more hurdles and barely anything to lift your spirits except yourself. It is a journey of SELF because no one can fight for you the way you do and in doing so, you unknowingly inspire many others to fight for what they believe in.

This is a basic story for everyone who strives to achieve their dreams and more so for women who face so much adversities every single day because as much as we speak of equality, we are still treated as second class citizens in this world. The progress that we see in some countries is as a result of years of fighting for recognition of women’s efforts, rights and respect. We are still far off but we shall not stop until we get there.

This being women’s history month, I have been reflecting on women that inspire me on a daily basis; Priyanka Chopra, Pearl Thusi, Jade Kendle – just to mention a few. One common thing that these ladies have is the spirit of never giving up even though they have faced many challenges. They have risen to a point of shattering the glass ceiling and creating their own limits, if they are any. They give me the strength to push through the limits that have been set by my society. [Your dreams are too big, you’re too ambitious, be comfortable with where you are – If I listened to these statements, I would probably be married in my little village with probably 1 kid and another on the way because that is what they envisioned for me, it’s not what I envision for me.]

Netflix’s limited series Self-Made that is inspired by the life of Madam C. J. Walker is motivating. She was an incredible woman who is a mirror of strength, tenacity, ambition. She never settled, she never quivered in the face of competition, she continued even as her marriage fell apart and when illness invaded her body. She did not stop because she had a goal, a vision of leaving behind a legacy, of creating generational wealth. Her story encourages me to write my own, while uplifting those around me and not paying attention to distractions that I may come across.

I know that I am where I am today because of the many sacrifices of the women who came before me hence it is my duty to make this world a better place not only for future females but for all humanity. Anytime that I feel like giving up, I shall remember the likes of Madam C. J. Walker who never gave up. I shall drawn on their strength and keep going. Aluta contiua!


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