049: Life changing podcasts that I am loving right now

During the confinement period, I decided to find different ways of entertaining myself while learning at the same time. I got tired of reading fictional books and watching Netflix over and over and to avoid sinking into boredom, I started my podcast exploration. I was intrigued by the fact that seemingly a huge number of people raved about podcasts on social media.

I do not know whether all those people really listen to them or are just joining the ‘trendy’ bandwagon but that really doesn’t matter because the buzz influenced me in one way or another. With time, I have found four podcasts that I truly love and listen to everyday. I have incorporated them into my morning routine and they have truly helped to set the pace for my days and I am happily taking them with me post-confinement.

1. Pretty Big deal

I didn’t know I needed this until I listened to it. It is hosted by Ashley Graham, an American plus-size model and TV presenter who interviews people who have made an impact in their industries. What I absolutely love about this podcast is its chilled nature and the fact that I get to know the backstories of all these people which is motivating to say the least. Anytime I listen to pretty big deal, I ask myself, what are you doing with your time?

2. On Purpose with Jay Shetty

If you are on social media, you have definitely heard of Jay Shetty or at least watched his videos. His podcasts are resourceful, dynamic and refreshing. The wisdom that he shares on different topics such as anxiety, overthinking, procastination are really helpful. In addition, his interviews are uplifting and make you realize that if somebody else did it, you can do so too. He is the ultimate cheerleader because he makes me feel like I am capable of doing anything I want.

3. Small Doses

This is a podcast by a smart and straightforward Amanda Seales. I love listening to her because she does not sugarcoat anything and speaks her mind. She shares some of her experiences and interviews compelling guests while answering questions from fans. I adore how Amanda lays bare the truth about everything in life hence the name Small Doses which has diversified into a book that I am really waiting to dig into. Listening to Small Doses makes me want to live life unapologetically.

4. Meditative story

Until I found this podcast, I never thought that anything would put me to sleep. I had been struggling to sleep for quite a while during the confinement period and during one of jay Shetty’s podcast, he mentioned Meditative Story. I didn’t look for it right away but a few days later, when I was having trouble with sleeping, I decided to check it out. I played one of the episodes and all I can remember is I woke up the next morning feeling refreshed. I had had a beautiful sleep void of weird dreams. From then on, I have been playing an episode every night and my sleep pattern is slowly coming back to normal.

In conclusion, while I may not have been receptive about podcasts at first, I am glad that I took a chance on them because they have made my life much better. I am continuing my podcast exploration to find more and more that have a similar or even better impact. If you are thinking about podcasts, you can try some of these that I love and if you are already a podcast lover, do not hesitate to share with me your favorites!



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