050: Sunday evening walk while social distancing

There’s nothing as refreshing as an evening walk on a Sunday. It fills my spirit with so much joy and mentally prepares me for a new week. After I moved to France, I started taking walks as a way to unwind and to find some sort of an escape because the first months were quite tough. Eventually, this has become a sacred routine. I find that bonding with nature is truly fulfilling.

I am always in awe of the fact that every time I take these walks, I notice something new. It almost feels like I am a part of nature’s rituals. I get to see the little developments like budding flowers finally blooming and then turning into leaves while some wilt away as the scorching sun shows no mercy.

I had never known that I was one to love flowers and now, I am exhilarated each and every time I see new ones. I remember when I was a little girl, I would go on a flower collection spree and many times, I was pinched by those devious thorns on roses’ trees and that’s one of the reasons why I have never been a fan of roses. I find that they have such a pungent smell that makes me wonder why people call them romantic. Still, I cannot recollect the point where my love for flowers dimmed. Needless to say, I am finding that the joy they bring me still resides deep.

One of my favorite places to visit during my walk is Canal Saint Martin that harbors a river that is beautifully illuminated by the evening sun. It is such a peaceful place that sweeps me off my feet and transports me into this green world that is punctuated by the rhythm of the flowing stream, the faintly glistening ripples made by little ducks as they rush to show their mother their little winnings of small fish and the intoxicating blended smell of flowers and leaves. For this river in particular, the graffiti walls under its bridge make it more appealing because it represents freedom.

While confinement may have come to an end for us here, I am still skeptical about going into spaces with a lot of people and almost every place seems to be packed now that the sun is out. For me, these little walks fill my cup of hope. Thankfully, my love for nature draws me to such alluring places that coincidentally do not have a lot of other humans which makes social distancing quite easy.

I hope that you also have your place or ritual that brings you joy and hope. Remember to always take care of yourself; your health comes first. Have a delightful week!



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