051: HOPE

Image by Elias Sch. from Pixabay


When you find yourself thrown into the sea, don’t try to fight the battle of survival. Let it go. Close your eyes and allow yourself to slowly descend into the depths of the sea. Allow yourself to be swallowed by the unknown vastness of the dark underworld. Listen to the beats of your fading heartbeat. Be still.


Feel the bottom of the sea. Feel the creatures that have made the darkness their humble abode. Feel the home that you have invaded and one that you plan to make yours without an invitation. Feel the creeping suffocation gradually lying to you that you are drifting to sleep. Open your eyes. Is it worth staying for?


There’s nothing to hold your hand, nothing to lift you up, nothing to propel you to the light other than you. Can you do it? Of course you can, you need to trust. You need to have the belief that something better awaits. But what you cannot do is stay in the darkness that seeps the life out of you; fight through it. Believe in the goodness that is yet to come, unknown, yet promising. That is where the strength to fight comes from. That is HOPE!



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