052: Blindsided

Image by nile from Pixabay

It’s an unusually cold afternoon. The sky cannot stop pouring its soul onto the earth. There’s such a calm, a silence that’s almost deafening. Normally, this kind of silence would be a foreboding of some kind; at least where I come from, that’s how I would interpret it. But this particular day, the silence cheered me on. It carried a melody that made me dance; one that made me see the strings of a harp on the angled drizzles. It was a silent melody. The skies, I would like to say they looked gray but what I saw was a white heavy cloth. It almost looked like it wanted to blanket me. I saw the white clouds pouring their soul and I felt my soul come alive.

It was a summer day. How ironic huh! I had been waiting for the sun longingly ever since I found myself on this strange land. When the sun was out, we had been forced to be confined in our homes and when it was time feel some freedom, behold, the sun said goodbye. Maybe it’s the magic of Brittany because it is married to winds and they have a child called Rain which literally reigns this land. While I always felt angry when my weather app greeted me with a ‘good morning, it’s 13 degrees today and cloudy’, this day, I felt the joy that the rain carried as it touched the leaves and stumbled upon the earth that seemed so hungry even though it had drank over and over. Made me wonder if it really got satisfied!

While this silence took over the land, I couldn’t wait to join in its communion. I let myself out of my warm blankets and dressed in my favorite chilly-chasing attire. My thick black tights, a blue and black striped pull neck and my all time favorite booties. Needless to say, I was not planning on going anywhere, I was getting into the rhythm of the silent melody.

I side-parted my hair like never before, which made me look like some sort of a princess from the past. I couldn’t forget my favorite red lipstick and my mascara and black eyeliner that made my eyes come alive. The icing on the cake? My queenly looking studs that made my ears look like royalty. They remind me of the days when I would go through my mother’s collection while wishing to have my ears pierced. At this moment, I felt ready. I didn’t want to do anything else so I sat and waited. Tic Toc!

Then it all came crushing down; it was an illusion!

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