Paris. How can I possibly put into words the feeling that I get when I think of this city?! I try to decipher how it is that I found myself here.


I try to go back in time and try to look at the path that I curved for myself or rather, one that I followed that brought me here. I could not in any lifetime think that it would happen so soon. I thought of it many times but I always hate reservations about realizing this dream. Wondrous reality!

My introduction to Paris was majorly through films and probably the books I read as I stumbled through trying to learn the French language grammar (😩). It is the Eiffel Tower that represented this city and its portrayal had always carried the tone of beauty and romanticism, timelessness and glory. It is this portrayal that peaked my curiosity and made me dream of this wonderland and how I could curate a life of my own amidst this beautiful glorious timeless beauty.

I have been here for close to a month now and everyday feels as new. The disbelief. It is still some sort of a blurred reality. How did it come that I found myself here? Perhaps the only answer that I can wholly give is: it took a lot of hard work. I didn’t find myself here by chance. I grabbed the opportunities that were presented to me and I pushed through despite the magnanimous challenges that I had to overcome. To be here, in this beautiful glorious timeless beauty of a city has simply been a labor of love.

It may not be the perfect city but it deserves the reverence it gets. It’s nuanced rhythm invites all to partake in its intimacy. Feel the beat. Listen to the beat. Be in harmony. It is magical as it is chaotic. It is simply a love story.



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