057: CRAVINGS!!!

Urgh where do I start? I have this scratchy warm feeling in my throat and no, it’s not a cold or a virus, its something that’s calling upon my taste buds to quench it. I am trying to decipher this coded communication that my body is clearly trying to send. Perhaps i’m just thirsty – gulp, gulp, gulp – oops not that. What could it be?

Perhaps it’s tea, cannot be – I just had that ten minutes ago. Perhaps it’s chocolate – I just ate some four minutes ago. Perhaps it’s…oh my! Why didn’t I think of that before? It’s rice. And no, not some fancy cumin coconut rice or biryani or tumeric rice. Nope. Just rice. You know the plain old rice. The rice that cooks on water, a lil bit of salt and some olive oil. Yes, that’s what is making my throat send me coded messages. I just decoded it so, checkmate! (lol)

15 minutes later, I am enjoying a bowl of plain old rice and I have all the feels. it is the best thing in the world. Somewhere between making it ready my throat sent me another coded message. Some plain ol milk would pair well with plain ol rice chile! So here I am, enjoying my bowl of rice with my cup of somewhat warm nut milk. Heavenly, to say the least, is how I feel.

Well, these cravings keep dropping when we least expect it. I always have the craziest of them all but I find it very fascinating about how it works. One moment you are doing well eating your veggies and proteins and out of the blues, your body is calling upon the gods of sushi or the smell of wet soil (this is the truth). I don’t know about you but cravings are the bomb. Sometimes they just try to communicate what the body needs and sometimes, they are just playing games. In any case, I’m ready to play!

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