Beguile me
Call to me
With your soft 
Dreamy voice
Enchant me
Sing to me
As the whoosh
Of the passing breeze
As the vroom
Of the angry horseless carriage
As the empty echo
Of the over indulgent
Fill the air 
Threatening to steal
Your attention
Entrance me
Hold on to me
With every pound
A step I take
With every tap
Hello I say
With every whoosh
A jump I make
With every vroom
A turn I take
And with every echo
Enchanted I become

Listen to your world and with each message you hear, let it be your 5, 6, 7, 8. Let go and follow the rhythm of your world. Dance, it is your melody. Only you understands it for it stems from the deepest chambers of your heart. Happy holidays. May you be forever enchanted and may 2021 be your enchantress!



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