Oh wow, it really is 2021. Happy New Year!

It has taken me quite a bit more time than I normally need to wrap my head around the fact that the clock chimed and the dates reset to seemingly say welcome to a new dawn. I mean, to be honest, nothing much is really changing because the world is still facing the same problems and if you’re living in a Covid-infested part of the world like me, staying safe and confined is still the order of the day. Nevertheless, a new year is still a tabula rasa that helps us to recalibrate our lives. It forces us to call for a meeting with ourselves and reflect upon our lives and what we want to achieve.

The New Year possibly is the only time during the year that we seriously look at our needs, wants and set goals to work towards bettering ourselves. Somewhere between the year, we lose direction because we allow the many troubles that come our way to take center stage. For that matter, I’m thankful for new years because they come with a sense of hope and change. Can you imagine if we lived in a world with continuous dates and no sense of end or beginning? We’d all be depressed.

For quite a few years now, I have had a ritual of reflecting towards the end of the year to analyze my achievements and lessons learnt. You can watch last year’s here. What I found to be profound for me is having a word that guides me through the year. This word becomes the foundation for my goals and every time I wake up, it reminds me what I am working towards. Previously, I have had #LIMITLESS and #GROW and every time I looked back at the years, I realized that everything I did, consciously and subconsciously, contributed towards embodying that word. It has been absolutely life changing because even with the hardships that I faced along the way, they all contributed towards making be better; towards making me limitless, towards making me grow.

As this year rolls out, without any knowledge of what we are about to face, my spirit guides me towards becoming my best self in every different aspect of life. I have this hunger to rise above my fears and take the jump towards the dreams that I own. I have this innate desire to thrive. This all brings me to my word of the year #DOMINATION. I must say that it makes me excited and I know that I will have to really push myself beyond my comfort zone in order to embody it in the best way possible. One thing I have learnt about being an ambitious dreamer is that the journey is one hell of a ride but always very very fulfilling and one that brings a lot of joy. So bring it on 2021, I’m ready to dominate!

What’s your 2021 word?

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