062: Book Review: Emotional Intelligence Mastery

An actionable guide for self awareness and personal growth.

  • Title: Emotional Intelligence Mastery: A Practical Guide To Improving Your EQ
  • Author: Eric Jordan
  • No. of pages: 66
  • Series: No

Book summary

This book defines Emotional Intelligence in a simple and easy manner making it very easy to understand. It has examples that helps one to relate and gauge where they are at with their EQ. It provides actionable exercises that guides anyone interested in exploring their EQ into being self aware and finding ways of strengthening it and enabling people to relate better with others.

Once you can recognize your own feelings to a degree of certainty, you will then move on to develop the ability to see emotions and feelings in others for what they truly are.

Eric jordan

Personal thoughts

I liked the book because first, it was very short and second, straight to the point. The examples given are very easy to relate to and I could find myself bringing back similar experiences to compare how I reacted in order to see where I’m at with my EQ. As someone who is always working towards self awareness, I found that the book was quite basic since I have explored this topic extensively but it still gave me some new points of vue.

This book made me feel: Conscious

Who should read the book?

If you are constantly searching for personal growth, you will love this book especially if you are new to the topic of EQ.

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