066: Covid, It’s Time To Say Goodbye!

This is the start of something new, it feels so right to be here with you

I have no idea how my mind conjures my memories. I had no idea that a line from a song from high school musical – which was an absolute obsession – got stored in the chambers of my brain. I really think more important things needed that space like the mathematical formulas that kept flying past as fast as the speed of sound. Needless to say, maybe my brain knew that those lines would be helpful in times like this – or so it thought.

I imagine this is what Covid sang to us towards the end of 2019 and since as human beings we were so engrossed in trying to make money, to find a job, to leave our nosy friends on read (hello blue ticks), to ghost those toxic people, to create new goals for what we thought would be a new year…basically, we were so busy trying to save ourselves from life that we embraced this unwelcomed guest and danced to their tunes (btw is Covid a he or a she. The French can’t quite agree on that and I thought maybe this may be a concern for you, just maybe). More than a year later here we are and Covid, no it does not feel right to be here with you. I believe you have overstayed your unwelcome. Please shut the door, or better yet, seal it, on your way out and don’t come back!

It has been too long. Perhaps we thought that this was just a short stint and we would be back to ‘normal’ lives but we got played at our own game. I do not think I will ever be normal again or should I say back to my pre-pandemic self. I cannot imagine closely sitting in one place with more than three people. I constantly see my neighbour inviting his friends over and I wonder how he does it, almost every single day. What I know for a fact is that, if anyone has to visit me, they will have to bring with them a test that proves they are not a danger to me, taken within 24 hours might I add. Maybe I am overreacting but they say prevention is better than cure and honestly, I really don’t want anyone in my space. I have gotten too good at being alone that being around people sounds so bizarre and abnormal.

I know lots of people who are so eager to get back to partying, shopping in human infested malls and others – read me – who are content with having people standing at least two metres, okay maybe one metre, away from them. One thing we all have in common though is that we want Covid to say goodbye, for good. I hope he or she or they, really gets it this time.

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