067: Hello Summer

Summer is here! FINALLY! I have been waiting for months to say these words. It has been a painful wait to say the least. The days of having to blanket yourself in countless layers just to go out and get a croissant or take a walk by the river for just a few minutes are over. I know these are really small problems to have but it is just inconvenient. To top it off, seeing the sun shining bright but still shuddering to the bone because apparently what you see is not what you get. I mean! This is that side of living abroad that few people talk about. It can be stressful and it has been stressful to live through long months of unending cold and wishing that spring would be better and being greeted by days of rainfall sometimes accompanied by hailstones and unending dark clouds which almost feel like a foreboding. Of course not adding the pandemic that we have had to go through for who knows for how much longer!

The midday sun is always an invitation to immortalize the moment

Needless to say, summer is here! The great days of the warm sun. The beautiful days when the rays of the sun bounce against my coloured skin and create gold. The magnificent days when trees do not shy away from showing off their chlorophyll laden leaves which cover their nakedness that was visible just two months ago. Summer is the time of year that reminds you that good things do not last forever because we shall blink and find ourselves in fall, preparing for another ordeal of the unending cold days. But alas, I shall not wallow in those thoughts for I have the pleasure of experiencing the joy of summer now. The joy of warmth, the joy of freedom, the joy of life. Cheers to this and say, hello summer!

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