068: Reinventing Yourself

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

At what point in time do you decide that it is time to shake things up? Change is the most constant thing that we have in life. Everyday comes with something different that sparks our imagination and leads us towards being our better selves.

I am loving who I am becoming.

When you look back to five, four or even a year ago, you realize that you have travelled so many miles. Growth, most times, is a process that we do not recognize while going through it until moments later when we are at the other side and we look back and are amazed by the changes we went through.

I have learnt through the years that change is something that when embraced, comes very easy. When you let go of fear and open your mind, body and soul to the universe, you will reap so many benefits including peace, happiness and gratitude.

Your best self is on the other side of fear.

Learning to trust the process of unlearning and relearning is the most freeing and revolutionary thing you can do for yourself. Most times, we are afraid of letting go of the known in order to venture into the unknown. We have been conditioned to make the next step only when we are sure of what lies ahead which is limiting. If I had waited to know what waited for me in France when I chose to study here, I wouldn’t have made that choice and I would have missed out on so many opportunities for growth.

It is not easy to choose a path where your thoughts, beliefs, are constantly challenged but it also opens you up to how the world functions. You get to experience different emotions that free you and in so doing, you open up your heart and you start healing. Change takes courage. Reinventing yourself is a courageous and revolutionary act that you will never regret.

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