066: Covid, It’s Time To Say Goodbye!

More than a year later here we are and Covid, no it does not feel right to be here with you. I believe you have overstayed your unwelcome. Please shut the door, or better yet, seal it, on your way out and don’t come back! It has been too long. Perhaps we thought that this was just a short stint and we would be back to ‘normal’ lives but we got played at our own game. … More 066: Covid, It’s Time To Say Goodbye!


Listen to your world and with each message you hear, let it be your 5, 6, 7, 8. Let go and follow the rhythm of your world. Dance, it is your melody. Only you understands it for it stems from the deepest chambers of your heart. Happy holidays. May you be forever enchanted and may 2021 be your enchantress! … More 059: ENCHANTRESS