Hello dear reader, happy new year. Today it’s all about setting goals towards having that hair that you dream of everyday. Starting a healthy hair journey can be hard especially if you don’t have your goals at hand. From my experience, you should definitely have a long term goal but have short term goals that … More SETTING HAIR GOALS


Over the years, I have come across several ‘truths’ about natural hair. During my hair journey, I have discovered the truths that I have made my commandments. Today, i’m going to share with you some of the most basic yet helpful truths that can help you take good care of your hair. Natural hair is … More NATURAL HAIR TRUTHS


Natural hair is very delicate and needs high maintenance and this calls for much dedication and patience. There are times that I feel like shaving all of mine because it needs so much attention which can be tiresome. Now there are things that should never be done on natural hair that most people do; these … More NATURAL HAIR SINS