The cool air finds its way through the microscopic crevices The bulb flickers – a sign of a lightning strike Thunder roars to reveal its power The rain drops make their way to the ground Never relenting even when there isn’t enough space anymore The little pools form happily Within minutes, swallowed by the thirsty … More 021: RETURN OF HOPE


Mirror mirror on the wall Tell me it’s time for the ball Or is it the mall? Well, maybe I’m having a ball Or maybe it’s just a mental… Weary in this enslavement Thought it’s was an oversight But what has it made me? A sailor maybe Or a wager? Well, I don’t even know … More 016: SHANGHAIED


Drips and drops Oh how they make their stops Makes me wonder how They make my breathe blow If you know me then you understand my obsession for the rain. Well, obsession might be a strong word; let’s put it as a strong love for rain (lol). I like watching as the drops fall and … More 007: EARTH CHILD!