044: Getting inspiration from incredible women

It very easy to forget our tenacity and strength especially when everything seems to be working against us. The desire to continue pushing, hoping that somehow somewhere along the way you’ll find someone or something to hold your hand, is what makes the going possible. Well many times, what you find along the way are … More 044: Getting inspiration from incredible women

034: #GROW

Happy New Decade! How amazing is it to be alive and experiencing life in a new decade! I’m still trying to wrap my head around being in 2020 because I can’t believe that 2019 is already gone. I’m still in shock and adjusting even though time is not waiting for me. January is already halfway … More 034: #GROW


Book: Stop Pissing Me Off by Lynne Eisaguirre This book is a life savior for me. It gives insights on how to live with people in the workplace by understanding them and how to deal with the most annoying of humans. The most important lesson I have learnt from the few chapters I have read … More 027: JUNE LESSONS!