066: Covid, It’s Time To Say Goodbye!

More than a year later here we are and Covid, no it does not feel right to be here with you. I believe you have overstayed your unwelcome. Please shut the door, or better yet, seal it, on your way out and don’t come back! It has been too long. Perhaps we thought that this was just a short stint and we would be back to ‘normal’ lives but we got played at our own game. … More 066: Covid, It’s Time To Say Goodbye!

057: CRAVINGS!!!

Urgh where do I start? I have this scratchy warm feeling in my throat and no, it’s not a cold or a virus, its something that’s calling upon my taste buds to quench it. I am trying to decipher this coded communication that my body is clearly trying to send. Perhaps i’m just thirsty – … More 057: CRAVINGS!!!

052: Blindsided

It’s an unusually cold afternoon. The sky cannot stop pouring its soul onto the earth. There’s such a calm, a silence that’s almost deafening. Normally, this kind of silence would be a foreboding of some kind; at least where I come from, that’s how I would interpret it. But this particular day, the silence cheered … More 052: Blindsided